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Panthera Gridinfos

Simulator: OpenSim
Mode: Grid
Access: Public
Rating: General
Hypergrid: Enable
Voice: Enable
Money: Enable
Physics: Bulletsim
Scripts: XEngine


Region: Loc X: Loc Y:
Agartha 1006 1000
Andromeda 1016 1006
Blackberry 1500 1550
Cinders 1503 1550
Dragon Islands 1509 1550
Glimmermere 1000 1004
HartLand 1526 1550
Heaven 1002 1004
Jacks cove 1876 1850
Lost City 500 505
Lucifer 1529 1550
Midgar 1512 1550
Nevermore 1520 1550
Panthera Welcome Island 1802 1800
Ramos 1006 1004
Raven 1523 1550
Roadhouse Ranch 1000 1006
Sandbox 1002 1006
Serene Isle 1006 1002
Serenity Isle 1020 1008
Snoodle Mega World 1000 1001
Snoodle World 1000 1002
Summerland 1002 1002
Tartarus 1004 1002
Tropical Isles 1004 1000
Xalatan 1000 995

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  • Spoooky Snoodle

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Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 26
Today visitors: 4
Visitors (30 Days): 132
Total Residents: 119
Online Now: 0
Hypergriders online: 0

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